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Oats - Quick Cook (Rolled) - Organic

Oats - Quick Cook (Rolled) - Organic

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Organic oats are nutrient-rich grains packed with the natural goodness of wholegrain and dietary fibre. They have a pleasant, nutty flavour that makes for a delicious breakfast cereal and a great baking ingredient.

You can use quick oats the same way as the jumbo rolled oats, these will cook in 2-3 minutes on the stove top with milk or water and serve with your favourite topping or use in your baking.

Quick Oats are great to use as a base in lots of homemade muesli bar recipes and we find that quick oats tend to bind a little better in baked recipes than the jumbo oats. You can check out our recipe for our easy raw granola bars here.

Product Information
Ingredients: Organic Quick Oats 
Product origin: Australia
Allergy warning: Contains gluten