How It Works

Our main goal at Honest Wholefood Co. is to make it easy and affordable for our customers to shop for their kitchen, bathroom and laundry essentials without plastic packaging or needless waste. We believe we can make reducing your excess waste from your regular shop hassle-free and as simple as possible.

We know that ordering online can sometimes be a pain and that zero waste refills might be daunting at first, so please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help with your questions or the online order process. We believe that once you enjoy your first zero waste order, you’ll be hooked!

Refill shopping

We buy our products in bulk from ethical wholesalers and then either refill your own containers, reducing packaging waste, or use one of our sustainable packaging options.

For our sustainable packaging options, we use recyclable and compostable paper bags for all dry goods and new reusable glass jars for all liquids.

Our recyclable/compostable paper bags are sustainably sourced and have no linings or added materials. They are recyclable in your regular collection or 100% home compostable. Just remember to check there’s no product contamination once they’re empty.

If you select liquids for shipping, the cost of one of our new reusable glass jars will be added to the cost of your product, but you can reuse them around your home however you like. We’ll wrap glass jars in paper for shipping protection, creating a bit more waste, but this can all be recycled.

Ordering online

Start by finding the products you normally keep in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry that you want to shift to waste free alternatives. We’ve grouped similar products together in straightforward Collections to help make finding everything simple and easy.

All our products are listed with a number of choices under ‘Size’ (for weight and volume options) and ‘Fill’ (for how you want the product packaged, e.g. ‘Refill My Container’).

If you’re choosing to refill your own containers, you’ll need to know what weight or volume the container holds to make the right selection. Don’t worry if you get it wrong and order too much for your container, we’ll refund the cost of what we can’t refill. Once you’ve refilled a couple of times, it’s easy to get to know your own containers!

If you live locally and you’re looking for the easy, hassle-free option, try our Refill Service. You just order Refill Service online, then simply label your containers with what product you want refilled and we do the rest. This is a great way of working out the weights and volumes of your regular orders.

Lastly, when you place your order, just specify whether you want to use our Drop & Collect, Local Delivery Service, or Nationwide Shipping.

Drop & Collect

We have Drop & Collect points in Wanaka, and Hawea. Just drop your containers in the 24-hour boxes and pick them up when they’re ready from the same spot.

We send you an email notifying you when they’re ready for collection and your order is back in the Drop & Collect box.

We aim to refill your containers within 1 business day, but if you let us know your time constraints when your order, when can often have your order ready to collect the same day.

Wanaka Depot
98 Anderson Road, Wanaka 9305
M-F 9am-4pm
24 Hour Drop & Collect

Hawea Drop & Collect
Kanuka Corner Early Childhood Centre
2 Francis Lane, Hawea 9382
24 Hour Drop & Collect

Local delivery service

We can collect your containers from you and drop them back off after they’re refilled. You can combine this any way you like with our Drop & Collect, i.e. drop off your containers with us, but then have them delivered when they’re ready.

There’s a minimum order value for our local delivery service and you’ll need to select it at checkout. We charge a separate fee for both collection and delivery.

Local shipping service

We can offer our local customers a shipping service to the following post codes and areas only:

Cromwell (9310), Luggate only (9383), Wanaka (9305), Alexandra (9320), Roxburgh (9500)

Queenstown (9300), Lake Hayes Estate & Shotover Country (9304), Arrowtown (9302), Arthurs Point (9371), Jacks Point (9371), Hanley Farms (9371), Gibbston Valley (9384)

We aim to pack and ship your order the next working day.

Our shipping timeframes vary depending on your location and our courier. 


Nationwide shipping

For our customers located outside of our local refill area, we offer nationwide shipping to anywhere in New Zealand.

We aim to pack and ship your order the next working day.

Our shipping timeframes vary depending on your location and our courier. Typically from courier pickup, South Island shipping takes 2-3 days and North Island shipping 3-4 days.

Check our Shipping Policy for more information.