Oats - Quick Cook (Rolled) - NZ Grown

Oats - Quick Cook (Rolled) - NZ Grown

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Harraways Quick oats have been pre-cooked and pressed more than that of regular rolled oats but they cook a lot quicker. Even with this extra processing, quick oats still contain the nutrition value that whole oat groats have which includes containing soluble fibre.

These Quick Oats are grown and processed here in New Zealand in Southland and South Canterbury by Harraway's. They are a great option to support our local growers and businesses and are a good product option if you are focussing on reducing your carbon footprint and supporting NZ grown.

You can use quick oats the same way as the jumbo rolled oats, these will cook in 2-3 minutes on the stove top with milk or water and serve with your favourite topping or use in your baking.

Quick Oats are great to use as a base in lots of homemade muesli bar recipes and we find that quick oats tend to bind a little better in baked recipes than the jumbo oats. You can check out our recipe for our easy raw granola bars here.


Product Information
Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Grown Rolled Oats
Allergy warning: Contains gluten
Product origin: New Zealand