Super Simple DIY Natural Deodorant Recipe - That Actually Works!


If you are like me, on your journey to living as sustainably as possible you would have tried as many 'natural' deodorants as your local shop sells or that you've searched online for or been recommended by friends. And, if you are like me most of them would of been so expensive that you couldn't justify the $15+ spent for them not to work and never really felt they were that effective. 

I come across this recipe for a natural, simple homemade deodorant about 3 years ago and after I made a few personal tweaks I have made batch after batch now each time surprisingly amazed and impressed with the end result. Non-natural deodorants contain aluminium and these compounds are left on your skin to be absorbed - when you switch to natural deodorants your body goes through a 'detox' process to rid these from your body. This natural deodorant doesn't contain any nasty chemicals or toxic ingredients and with a coconut oil base it is so moisturising for your skin. 

It is super simple and doesn't consist of crazy ingredients that are expensive and hard to get. Hopefully if you don't already have most of this stuff in your pantry you should be able to get it from our online store waste free or from your local grocery store.

Each of the natural ingredients in the deodorant have a different, important role. The Baking Soda holds anti-bacterial properties because of its high PH it helps to combat bacteria and help to fight the odours from the bacteria. If you are finding you are sensitive to this recipe it may well be because of the Baking Soda and due to it having a high PH and our acid mantle range being slightly acidic (normally between 4-5.5). Try to reduce the amount of baking soda in the recipe and see if that helps with any reactions.

The tapioca flour, cornstarch or arrowroot powder is PH neutral and its role is to absorb any moisture which helps to fight bacterial and reduce odour too.

The coconut oil plays a vital role in fighting bacteria too - the lauric acid in coconut oil is anti-bacterial, as well as adding nourishing and moisturising properties to the deodorant. Coconut Oil is high in vitamin A & E as well as high in anti-oxidants so helps to support skin.

The essential oils used in the recipe are not only for scent but depending on the oils used they too hold anti-bacterial properties.

I store mine just in a little pre-used baby food glass jar which is about a year old now and I just scoop out a little bit each time with my finger and rub it on my armpits (there was no way to make that sentence glamorous sorry).

Natural Homemade Deoderant

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup tapioca flour, cornstarch or arrowroot powder
1/4 - 1/2 cup of organic virgin coconut oil or RBD coconut oil
10 or less drops of any essential oils you like (I typically use tea-tree for its antibacterial benefits then I add grapefruit or orange - I like something more uplifting) but you could use any you wanted here depending on your preferences.

You just mix the baking soda and chosen flour together first then add in the coconut oil (no need to melt but you may want it soft so its easier to work with) and the oils. I then scoop mine into my wee jar and it solidifies slightly then its good to go.

So each time you use it just scrape or scoop out a little bit onto your finger and rub into your armpit just as you would a moisturiser or something. You only need a tiny amount and I do find it easier to use when its slightly hard so in summer just store it somewhere semi cool.

If you give this recipe a go I would love to hear your results with it. And if you came up with any delicious smelling oil combo's then let us know.

If you need the ingredients you can find the baking soda, tapioca and coconut oil on the below links in bulk quantities without the waste. We will be adding to our natural DIY ingredients over time so hopefully we will have more products available soon.

Baking Soda
Coconut Oil
Tapioca Flour

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  • Hi I’ve been making this recipe for many years now, I like it for all the obvious reasons, but I started making it due to an allergy to commercial deodorants. I don’t add any essential oils in case I react to them, and enjoy the subtle coconut smell; since I moved to Dunedin from Northland, I substitute 1/3 of the coconut oil with almond, it keeps it softer in the winter here; finally, I used to use arrowroot but its hard to get now, and I’m happy with the tapioca, but I should think cornflour also would be fine.

  • I love this, I really does work. I didn’t add any fragrance, I quite like the coconut smell from the oil. I will be using this from now on, thank you!

  • I love this, it really does work. I didn’t add any fragrance, I be honest I like the coconut smell from the oil. I’ll be using this from now on, thank you!

  • I have a question what else can use my husband has a alergie for tea tree but I love to try the deodorant. I am the mobile salon (thehairfairy)and just start with refilling shampoo it is sulfates and parabens and vegan free we all need to do something .all the best and you will see me

    Rika Vermue
  • This recipe mentions arrowroot powder, is that a mistake? Or do you need to remove tapioca?

    Hannah L Twiss

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