Granola - Original (Yum Granola)

Granola - Original (Yum Granola)

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This YUM granola is hands down our favourite superfood loaded granola. Made with a delicious grain-free combo of organic ingredients, including toasted coconut, hazelnuts, currants, chia and a touch of honey. Coconut oil and cinnamon rounds out the list of nutrient-dense ingredients, for their amazing flavour and health benefits. It is perfect for topping smoothie bowls, for a after dinner treat or a nutritious breakfast the kids will absolutely love.

YUM Granola originated from down here in Hawea, now it's produced by Sarah and the team in Nelson. Check out their awesome 'Honesty Box' scheme they run up in Nelson which we love.

We have worked out a way with YUM that we can receive their product with absolutely no waste! We receive their Granola into big reused and washed bulk containers and then we reuse these over and over. 

Product Information
Product origin: New Zealand
Ingredients: (all organic, and local where possible) Coconut, Nelson honey, coconut oil, hazelnuts, currants, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground linseed, chia seeds, cinnamon, Marlborough sea salt.
Allergy warning: Contains nuts and seeds