White Vinegar

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White vinegar is the perfect ingredient for using around the home in DIY Natural Cleaning recipes as well as in recipes which call for it in the kitchen. Vinegar is so acidic and only has a PH of around 2-3 typically so it is very anti-bacterial which is why its such a key ingredient in natural home made cleaning products. 

You can use vinegar straight to clean mould and mildew and water it down with 1 part vinegar 1 part water to create a multi-purpose, anti-bacterial spray for around the home. You can add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to increase the anti-bacterial properties and add a citrusy scent to the spray. 

You can view our blog with lots of natural DIY cleaning recipes which use vinegar including our Zero Waste Lemon Vinegar Multi Purpose Cleaning Mix and our Cleaning Your Home Naturally blog.

For customers outside of our local area we can now send your liquids new jars you can purchase here. We need to ensure that any glass and liquids that are sent, are wrapped in reused paper and/or cardboard so please be aware you will have a little more waste with your order.