Toothpaste Scoop – Stainless Steel (Solid Oral Care)

Toothpaste Scoop – Stainless Steel (Solid Oral Care)

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Introducing Solid Oral Care's stainless steel “forever” scoop, a zero-waste, oral hygiene essential!

Solid’s toothpaste scoop makes it easy to get the right amount of paste every time, the scoop is your perfect oral care accessory.

Add a bit of luxury to your oral care routine, and pledge your commitment to plastic free toothpaste. 

The perfect companion to Solid Fluoride Toothpaste in a glass jar. Wipe or rinse clean after use. Store in a dry place.

This is a buy-once product. The scoop is sturdy, stylish and durable, guaranteed to never rust or break.


Product Information

Ingredients: 100% stainless steel

Allergen Warning: n/a

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Storage: After use, rinse with water and store in a dry area