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Rice Bubbles

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Santarium Ricies are a popular breakfast cereal and are typically sold in large amounts of single use plastics at the supermarket which makes them hard to access without the waste. We receive our Rice Bubbles in 10kg quantities to us so it severely reduces the amount of plastic being packaged and used.

Ricies contain carbohydrates, B vitamins and iron, and they're also contain no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They are made here in New Zealand using puffed rice. You can order the quantity you need for cereals or an ingredient in baking and not have to buy single use plastic.

Please note that Rice Bubbles are very very light compared with their volume so please be aware when you are ordering and providing your own container to fill.


Product Information
Product origin: New Zealand
Ingredients: Rice, sugar, salt, barley malt extract, mineral (iron), vitamins (niacin, thiamin, riboflavin)
Allergy warnings: Contains cereals containing gluten.