Pea Flour - NZ Grown - Gluten Free
Pea Flour - NZ Grown - Gluten Free

Pea Flour - NZ Grown - Gluten Free

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This New Zealand grown Yellow Pea Flour is a highly nutritional flour with a pleasant taste which can be used as a sustainable gluten free replacement in baking and cooking recipes. Pea Flour has a high protein and fibre content and helps to boost the nutrition of many recipes without having a major impact on taste or flavour.

This can be used as a full replacement to whole wheat flour or is perfect to use as a gluten free alternative in bread, crackers and other baking recipes. It is perfect to use in our Chickpea Flour crackers instead of the Chickpea Flour.

This is a great choice if you are focusing on reducing your carbon footprint and choosing to support NZ grown products. Compared to other crops pea crops typically have a low carbon footprint and they improve the sustainability of cropping systems as they replenish natural nitrogen in the soils as they grow. This process therefore improves the soil fertility for the next crop season and with minimal inputs required to grow peas are a great sustainable substitute to support. 


Product Information
Product origin: New Zealand
Ingredients: 100% Yellow Peas

This product is gluten free but If you, or anyone in your household has any allergies, please advise us when placing your order.