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Organic White Spelt Flour is a flour milled from spelt grain. Spelt is an ancient wheat species that has been cultivated for millennia and it tastes very similar to common flour, with a pleasant, slightly sweet and nutty flavour. Spelt flour is a high source of vitamins and minerals, and is generally considered easier to digest for people with gluten sensitivity.

You can use this spelt flour in place of wheat flour in breads and other baking such as to bake muffins, pancakes, pastries, pies, biscuits, pizza bases and cakes. Using organic white spelt flour is an excellent alternative to wheat flour. 

Chantal Organics White Spelt Flour is milled with meticulous care from organically and sustainably grown spelt, using traditional methods and without treatments, and are unbleached, GMO free, preservative free and additive free.


Product Information
Ingredients: Certified Organic White Spelt Flour
Country of Origin: Austria
GMO Free
Store in a cool, dry place