Brown Basmati Rice - Organic

Brown Basmati Rice - Organic

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Organic brown rice is perfect when you are looking for a more nutrient rich option to white rice and one which has not been exposed to the sprays of a conventionally farmed rice. Brown rice is not milled as much as white rice and therefore retains the bran and germ, making it more nutritious and a great source of whole grains. 

Basmati Brown rice is perfect in asian inspired dishes or used as a base for casseroles, soups or curries where there is a lot of liquid to absorb. We cook our rices and pastas in bone broth when we have made an excess so that we are getting more nutrients from it. 

Brown rice normally takes a lot longer to cook than white rice so we typically allow a cook time of between 45mins - 1 hour. Soak and rinse your rice first and then bring 2.5 cups of water or bone broth to the boil. Add one cup of rice and let simmer, stirring every 10 or so minutes to avoid it sticking.


Product Information
Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Brown Basmati Rice
Product origin: India - Packed in New Zealand
Allergen Warning: Packed in a room that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame & gluten.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.