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These Harraways Steel Cut Oats are grown and produced in New Zealand. Steel Cut Oats are said to be the perfect oats for making porridge. They are simply made by chopping the oat grout into several pieces which gives them their distinct look and texture when comparing to rolled oats. Steel cut oats tend to take the longest to cook and they have a more chewy texture and they keep their shape when cooking.

You can also use steel cut oats in savoury dishes such as meatloaf or stuffings. If you have the time steel cut oatmeal is worth the wait. Steel cut oats do taking around 20-30 minutes to cook but once cooked they make a delicious, warming oatmeal. We love adding mashed banana to ours for a bit of natural sweetner and then topping with chopped dates, nuts and shredded coconut.


Product Information
Country of origin: New Zealand
Allergy warning: Contains gluten