Oats - Jumbo (Rolled) - NZ Grown

Oats - Jumbo (Rolled) - NZ Grown

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Harraways Jumbo Oats are a nutrient rich grain packed with the natural goodness of wholegrain and fibre. Oats are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibre. They have a pleasant, nutty flavour that makes for a delicious breakfast cereal and a great baking ingredient.

These Oats are grown and processed here in New Zealand in Southland and South Canterbury by Harraway's. They are a great option to support our local growers and businesses and are a good product option if you are focussing on reducing your carbon footprint and supporting NZ grown.

Rolled oats can be cooked just using water and you can add extra flavour by cooking with your choice of milk and adding your choice of toppings. Our favourites include peanut butter, blueberries, bananas or a few nuts and seeds for a extra protein. Rolled oats are also perfect used in slices, energy bars or muffins. 

Product Information
Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Rolled Oats
Product origin: New Zealand
Allergy warning: Contains gluten