Couscous - Pearled Israeli

Couscous - Pearled Israeli

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Pearled Israeli Couscous is a type of pasta which is made from semolina flour mixed with water. Semolina flour is extremely high in gluten and is a common flour used in pasta’s so if you are following a gluten free diet you may want to limit the amount of couscous you consume. Pearled Israeli couscous can be cooked super easily by just adding some boiling water to it in a bowl and covering it to absorb.

Couscous can be used cooled in salads and is delicious with added nuts and seeds. It makes a great side to any meal and absorbs sauces and herbs very well so is a quick and easy add on to a main meal.

Product Information
Ingredients: Durum wheat, water
Product origin: Tunisia
Allergy warning: Contains gluten