Bottle Brush (EcoCoconut)

Bottle Brush (EcoCoconut)

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The EcoCoconut Bottle Brush is made from sustainably farmed natural coconut husk, that would otherwise be discarded, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled rubber wood from trees that are replanted at the end of their latex-producing lives. These smartly-designed brushes are naturally antibacterial, non-scratch and incredibly durable.

The EcoCoconut Bottle Brush is safe on 'non-stick' surfaces and glassware, and its curved design makes scrubbing all those hard-to-reach spots easier than ever. They are ideal for use on reusable drinks bottles, baby bottles and tall glasses that you can't reach the bottom of! Tough on stuck-on residue, but gentle on the environment.

Although EcoCoconut have tested 1000s of surfaces and we personally have never had a problem, please remember to do a patch-test for scratching first.

EcoCoconut are leading the plastic-free revolution and are committed to bringing plastic-free, sustainably-sourced products to our kitchens and bathrooms. All their packaging and shipping materials are 100% plastic-free. They also helped establish the 'Going Beyond' programme; a charity in Sri Lanka which brings clean drinking water to 16 villages with high prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease. "With every EcoCoconut purchase you are actively contributing to providing clean drinking water to communities in need."

Product Information

Ingredients: coconut husk; FSC certified rubber wood; recyclable steel

Allergen Warning: n/a

Country of Origin: HQ in Australia, manufactured in Sri Lanka

Storage: n/a