Teabags - Bay of Islands Breakfast (Kerikeri Organic Fair Trade Tea)

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This Keri Keri Bay of Islands Breakfast tea is an extra-strong blend of superior organic and Fair Trade black teas from India and Sri Lanka. It is perfect for first thing in the morning or when you need want a strong delicious tea on a winters day.

Just choose the number of teabags from the selection that you want to fill your container with and enjoy your daily cup of tea without any plastic at all.

Keri Keri teas are New Zealands largest certified organic and fair trade tea company. They blend the freshest teas direct from the plantation and are hand blended to order. Keri Keri operate a zero waste policy. They don't use plastic and their teabags are made from 100% paper so fully compostable. They use a food grade and organic approved glue to seal the tea bags.