We know that online ordering can sometimes be a pain and we don't just want to be an online ordering system. We also know how important reducing your waste and purchasing good quality, affordable foods is to you. So don't quit now.

We ensure that we are so much more than just an online grocery and delivery service. You can get in touch with us whenever you need help with your online order or ordering process.

We want you to get past your first order because from then on it will be far easier to just replicate and edit your previous orders from there and you will find out what an awesome service we aim to offer so you will be hooked. 

If you are battling we have come up with a few ways for us to help you make to make your first order and help out where we can. Take a look below at the options and reach out to us via whichever method is best for you.
We are here to help.

Share your list with us and we will complete your first order.
You can email us or share your typed out list wth us from your phone. We will then complete your order online as close to quantities and budget as you have indicated to us, confirm it with you and then process the order normally from there
Email us on info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz or message us through our Facebook Messenger App.

Complete as much of your order as possible and then leave it with us.
If you are pretty savvy and don't mind a little bit of screen time to do your order, go through and do as much of your order as possible. Save it in your cart and then reach out to us and let us know what you can't find or any issues you are having and we can edit and check your order before it goes any further. We will then again confirm it with you and then process it as per normal.
Email info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz