Hemp Protein Powder - Organic
Hemp Protein Powder - Organic

Hemp Protein Powder - Organic

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Hemp is a world-class superfood and an absolute superstar when it comes to nutritionally packed plant goodness. Hemp Protein Powder is a highly nutritious, sustainable and vegan friendly protein alternative for people looking for a clean, nutrient dense, conscious substitute to regular protein powders.

This unique premium, certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder has a high protein percentage of 70% comparing to other protein powders which contain around 50% - this comes from its special production process.

After the oil is pressed from the hemp hearts, the hemp cake enters a series of milling and sieving steps allowing the hemp protein to be separated by it's light weight, fluffy, and desirable fine texture. A 73% protein powder is produced, this has an off-white colour and a very subtle (almost non-existent) nutty hemp flavour and smell. We use the Hemp Protein in fruit based smoothies and it doesn't affect the taste of our smoothies but gives an added dose of protein and essential amino acids which we love.

Most hemp proteins that you find on the market are made from what's left after the full/complete seed has been pressed.  The full seed has a fibrous husk on the outside. This hemp protein is made from what is left after the hemp heart (de-hulled seed) has been pressed. Given the fibrous husk is removed this protein is a lot finer, fluffier, lighter, more water-soluble, and has a less earthy (more creamy) taste compared to the other gritty/earthy hemp proteins available on the market.  This special process of production means that the hemp protein has a 73% protein content compared to the approx 50% of others on the market.

This Hemp Protein comes from Hemp which is organically grown and processed in China and imported by a New Zealand Hemp Grower as a premium, high quality protein powder.

Hemp Merchants, a Hemp Connect brand, imports high-quality hemp food products. All Hemp Merchants hemp products are organically certified at origin by Eco-Cert and independently organically re-certified by Bio Grow New Zealand. All Hemp Merchants products have BRC and IFS international food safety certifications and are produced according to HACCP, in addition to Vegan, Halal and Kosher Certifications.

Just select the quantity and container option you would like and finally access your protein powder without the unnecessary plastics and packaging that normally comes with protein powders.

Hemp Protein Powder is gluten free but if you, or anyone in your household has any allergies, please advise us when placing your order.

Product Information
Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder
Country of origin: China Imported – Certified Organic