Wholemeal Flour - NZ Grown

Wholemeal Flour - NZ Grown

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Wholemeal Flour, also known as whole-wheat flour, is a flour milled from the whole wheat grain. This wholemeal flour is premium flour with a naturally high fibre content and is considered better for you than white flour as it is higher in nutrients.

You can use this wholemeal flour for all general purpose baking and it is especially great for breads. Try mixing it with white flour for a lighter blend that still brings many benefits of the whole wheat grain.

This flour is produced by Farmers Mill, New Zealand’s only independent grower-owned and operated flour producer. All of their flours are proudly 100% grown and milled in South Canterbury, and are unbleached, GMO free, preservative free and additive free.

Product Information
Ingredients: 100% Wheat Flour
Allergen Warning: Wheat; Gluten
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.