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Solid Oral Care's premium bamboo toothbrushes are an essential zero-waste bathroom swap!

They come packaged in a recyclable and compostable cardboard box. When you are finished with your brush, you can reporpose for household cleaning and when ready for disposal, snap off the head and dispose of this is general waste. The handle can be composted.

Adult brushes are available in medium and soft, and in three different colours (yellow, blue and purple). If you have a colour preference, pop a note on your order and we'll do our best to accommodate, otherwise enjoy the surprise!

A soft toothbrush is recommended if:

  • you have sensitive teeth or gums. A gentle toothbrush allows for longer brushing without the discomfort. A great partner for Solid Oral Care's sensitive toothpaste.
  • you have been advised by a dentist that you have toothbrush abrasion or gingival recession caused by toothbrushing.

Combine with Solid Oral Care's other products for the optimum oral hygiene package! Oxygenating Mouthwash; Tongue Scraper; Toothpaste Jars.

Product Information

Ingredients: 100% bamboo handle; nylon bristles

Allergen Warning: n/a

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Storage: After use, rinse with water and store in a dry area. Brushes should be replaced every 3 months.