Why Choose Dried Beans and Legumes Over Canned

So, why should you go for dried beans and legumes over the canned versions? We've done the research and detail our top reasons for choosing dried over canned whenever we possibly can.

Waste Reduction
First up, the dried versions mean you reduce waste and save on packaging. Just refill your container and you are good to go - no can to go into the recycling.

An average 400g tin of chickpeas costs anywhere from $1.00 through to $3.00. Most of these cans once drained contain around 225g-250g of chickpeas.
If you cook dried chickpeas the rule is that they typically double their weight when cooked. So you need 125g (3/4 cup) to get 250g. This will cost you .82c if you buy them with us. Cheaper every time!

Dried legumes and beans are just that - a dried version of the product. With canned versions there are sometimes nasty ingredients added to the cans. Canned versions typically always contain more salt as this keeps the beans or legumes for longer. Some canned versions even contain added sugar and other dodgy unnatural ingredients and additives like firming agents and potential animal fats! Not ideal.

Also with cans you do run the risk of potential toxins from the lining of the can leaching into the contents if the can is damaged or dented.

With dried beans and legumes you can soak them pre-cooking, as this reserves more of the nutrients and also helps them to be more easily digested.

Shelf Life and Storage
Cooked, frozen dried beans and legumes will last over 6 months in the freezer where canned beans and legumes will only last up to a month before they loose some of their nutritional content and they go off. 

Tip - I tend to cook loads of one bean or legume that I am using and then I freeze the excess just in a glass jar to be able to easily and quickly defrost and add to a meal during the week for an added nutritional boost! You can also use the juices that you have cooked them in for a plant based stock mix.

We understand there are times when buying a canned version of these products is just the only option. We say just do your best with the circumstances you are presented with :)


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