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In our next post of our 'Honest Brand Series' we're excited to feature our new natural cleaning and household refill brand Littlefoot Natural Products. We are so excited to have this range of beautiful products on board and we feel they are such a great fit with our brand and our ethics here at Honest Wholefood Co. 

Littlefoot Natural Products are created up in Palmerston North in New Zealand. They are built on the principle of family and creating a product that is good for your family and our planet that doesn't cost the earth.

Littlefoot was started through trying to find a natural, safe and environmentally friendly option for their baby who had many aliments including severe eczema when he was born. With not much luck, the creators of Littlefoot developed their own natural and safe remedies and blends. Seeing the vast improvements in their own son they realised that their products could also help other people too. Not content with just helping families, but helping the planet they turned their gaze to other household products they could improve and make not only more family friendly but more environmentally friendly too. 

With passions from Luke, Glenda and Martin at Littlefoot combined they set out creating a range of products which change the way people use harsh chemicals and make them think about how we impact our environment and what it means for the next generation.

The Littlefoot team create a wide range of cleaning and household products which are in our opinion not only beautiful and carefully made but so effective - more so than most other natural products we have tried. We have never used a natural shampoo which is as effective as theirs and their lavender laundry liquid has helped to make our reusable nappies soft again - big YAY from us!

At Littlefoot they believe in 'Natural All of the Time'. They believe in reducing our environmental impact and making our planet a better place for the next generation of little feet. With a vast array of natural ingredients available, from essential oils to sugarcane cleansers, they are able to make their products fresh with all natural ingredients. This means they don’t use any synthetic fragrances or dyes and keep their products free from toxic preservatives. 

They also believe strongly about not creating more waste to be disposed of. We receive our products from them in both 10L and 20L containers which we send back to Littlefoot to be refilled and used again. This is completely logical but with the world we live in today it does come at a cost. To have their own containers sent back to them to be refilled again it does cost more than just buying a new container - which seems ridiculous right!? So Littlefoot take this cost on like us and many of our small suppliers to help to reduce their impact on our environment. We urge all of our customers to do their research around brands claiming 'recycling' of particular products as sometimes what we are told isn't what is happening unfortunately.

The team at Littlefoot make all of their products themselves and tirelessly work to make sure that their products are not only natural, safe and effective but affordable for the everyday family. They know that sometimes choosing the 'green' options comes at a price but they ensure that their prices are low and try to encourage more people to choose Littlefoot and help towards a greener future.

I am a bit of a clean freak so I absolutely love that I can be using safe and natural products which are genuinely effective. Some of our favourites from the range include the Gentle Baby Bubbles - this is such a beautiful, relaxing blend and the bubbles it creates are amazing! My boys absolutely love this one and I love knowing that it is gentle, nourishing and good for them too.

Lavender & Geranium Shampoo - This is another fave and as I mentioned above I have not had a natural shampoo that has been as effective as this one. I adore the smell of it too and there is never ever any stinging or sore eyes for my boys when we use this like some other shampoos. 

I also love the Double Strength Lavender Toilet Cleaner - Its important to me that our toilet cleaner is effective but there is no way I want chemicals being used on my toilet so this is a definite winner for me with the combination of the smell and the effectiveness. 

You can view the full range of the products here.




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