DIY Hand Wash Recipe

Making your own hand wash and body wash is such a great way to easily cut down on your single-use plastics plus it puts you in control of the ingredients that you use on your skin. I have been making this recipe for ages now and it is so simple, quick and easy.

This recipe is the base recipe that we have been using and each time I make it I make up a bulk lot so that I can split between four or five dispensers that I use over and over around the home.

I think there is a bit of a misconception that we need all of these complicated, expensive ingredients to make our own cleaning and household items but all it takes is a little bit of research, a bit of tweaking depending on your taste and budget and then you come up with something that works for you and your family.

The recipe is super simple, really affordable and doesn't require you to have loads of complicated ingredients in your cupboard. I simply have a large container where I keep all of my single ingredients for making all of our own cleaning, household and laundry products so its easy and quick to re-make when something is running low. 

In the recipe I use a castile soap bar and grate it then it dissolves in the water. I believe this is a more economical way to do it and you realise you really don't need to use as much castile soap and it ends up lasting longer and going further. Alternatively you can easily use the liquid castile soap too.

This hand wash recipe can be tweaked with your own oils depending on your preferences but I always use the same base then add to it depending on my mood or the season. I love using lavender and geranium oils in the winter and then I go for sweet orange or a citris based oil in the spring and summer.

DIY Hand Wash Recipe (makes enough for about 2-3 refills)

1/4 bar of regular or scented Castile soap
2.5 cups of warm water
1/4 cup glycerol or glycerin (this thickens the hand wash)
2 Tbsp sweet almond oil (optional - this just adds a natural moisturiser for skin)
10 drops of essential oils you choose

Method: I find it easiest to make all in one lot and then at the end split it between your cotainers/dispensers - this way it ensures the mixture is consistent when split.

1. Grate your castile soap bar and in a jar mix with a little bit of the warm water, shake to dissolve the soap completely. 

2. In your big container add the soap mix, the rest of your water, the glycerol plus the oils. Shake or mix vigoursly to ensure it is all fully mixed up.

3. Use a funnel to pour into your dispensers and you are done!

Such a simple recipe which, because of the castile soap is as effective as any other hand wash made with natural ingredients.

If you make this recipe let us know your favourite oils to use? We love to try new combinations :)

What is Glycerol? It is a simple polyol compound commonly made from animal fat and vegetable oil. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. 

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  • I’m just trying this recipe.
    How thick does it go? Does it thicken as it cools?

    Nita Smith

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