Covid Update: Zero-waste shopping during lockdown

We are still open at Level 4!!

Firstly, we want to reassure all our valued customers that, as an essential service, we are still open for business and we are striving to continue providing you with an option for zero-waste shopping during lockdown. 

At Level 4 we will be shutting our Hawea and Queenstown depots, but the warehouse is still open and the Wanaka drop/collection service is still in operation, as are nationwide courier delivery services.

All Wanaka drops/pick ups are contactless. Please either opt to use the drop box outside or come in one person at a time and wearing a mask.

Our top priority is protecting our dedicated staff, your whanau and ours, but we want to be able to continue offering you a zero-waste shopping option during lockdown. 

Our apologies to our Hawea and Queenstown customers; we hope you understand why we need to close the drop points and are happy to use a courier shipping option for this short period. Hopefully normal service will resume soon!

Kia kaha!

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