Windy Ridge Glass Bottle Milk

Windy Ridge Glass Bottle Milk

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Finally a way to avoid the plastic from your weekly milk consumption! Windy Ridge Milk is based on a farm in the Clutha District just on the outskirts of a small town called Benhar. They produce delicious 1L, glass bottles of pasteurised, full cream milk. The farm follows holistic and organic farming practices.

If you would like to collect your milk before the rest of your order or just after you order it this is completely fine if we have it in stock. Please just let us know and you can pop by to collect it whenever suits you.

How It Works

For first time orders you pay a deposit for the bottle ($3.00) plus the cost of the milk ($5.00) and then from then on you just swap your bottles using the swap option and price. Please make sure that bottles still have labels and lids with them for swapping. The glass bottles then go back to Windy Ridge to be washed, sterilised and refilled. The bottles are glass, 1L bottles and are continually swapped. No more plastic milk bottles. Yay!

For everyone who has has ordered from the previous week who will be switching to the 'Swap My Bottle' option. If you need delivery just select delivery in the cart and we will pick up your old bottle when we drop off your new one. For everyone picking up just swap your bottle when you come to pick up. We don't need to have the bottle before the next delivery. 

If you could like to collect your milk before the rest of your order this is completely fine - we normally have it in stock all week if its available online so you can just pop by to collect it once you have purchased it.

Sorry we can't ship our milk to people outside of our local area due to breakages and the glass bottle breaking. If you can collect the milk and you are located outside of our local area you are more than welcome to purchase.

Store the milk in the fridge at a temperature of no more than 5 degrees celcius.