White Spelt Flour - NZ
White Spelt Flour - NZ

White Spelt Flour - NZ

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This White Spelt Flour is a premium high grade bakers flour which is suitable for all general purpose baking and a lot of homemade bread recipes. Spelt flour is made from the grain and you can use it in most baking recipes. It goes especially well used in breads and add a slightly sweet, nutty flavour to baking. It is milled from locally grown Spelt Wheat in South Canterbury and milled locally in Timaru.

Farmers Mill Flour is New Zealand’s only independent grower-owned and operated flour producer. All of their flours are proudly 100% grown and milled in South Canterbury just 3hrs north of us here in Wanaka. They pride themselves on being able to pass on the promise to their customers of 100% NZ grown and produced flours.

Their range of flours are all unbleached, preservative and additive free and they produce high quality, consistent products perfect for your baking needs. We receive all of our products from Farmers Mill in bulk paper packaged bags which we compost and recycle.Spelt is an ancient whole grain grown in many parts of the world. It has high nutritional value and high water solubility so its nutrients are easily absorbed by the body - it may be easier to digest than gluten. 

Product Information

Ingredients: 100% Spelt

Country of origin: New Zealand

GMO Free

Store in a cool, dry place