Wanaka Chocolate - 85%
Wanaka Chocolate - 85%

Wanaka Chocolate - 85%

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This beautifully made and absolutely delicious Wanaka Chocolate is crafted here in Wanaka from from beautiful cacao beans. We access Wanaka Chocolate zero waste with no packaging making it the perfect zero waste chocolate to treat yourself with or use in recipes.

This is a low sugar, smooth and rich extra dark chocolate for those that love a extra dark chocolate. It goes great with a cup of tea or coffee and complements a glass of robust red vino.

You can buy the chocolate in the specific quantities as detailed in the prices starting at 50g. We will simply weigh how much you order and your chocolate can either be placed in your own container or wrapped in one of our paper bags. The chocolate is stored in a consistent cool temperature and should be kept out of warmer temperatures.

Product Information

Country of Origin: Wanaka, NZ

Ingredients: Cocoa mass 85%, Sugar, Emulsifier (soy lecithin), Natural Vanilla

Allergy Warnings: Produced on a site that uses peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, traces of gluten. Contains Dairy.