The People's Bread - Rye Sourdough Superloaf

The People's Bread - Rye Sourdough Superloaf

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The Rye sourdough is as popular as the Multigrain. Rye has a lovely earthy flavour and brings a new set of nutritional qualities. 

The People's Bread is 100% whole grain bread made by hand which has premium nutritional value and taste. All of their products are made from freshly milled certified organic and biodynamic flours with grain sourced from Canterbury. They grind the grain themselves immediately before they make the doughs, batch by batch. The dough is left to ferment up to 24 hours during which time it works its magic activating wild yeasts and lactobacilli before being transformed into the magnificent loaves you are able to buy to nourish yourself and your family.

There are many benefits of eating whole grains and fermented food. Their bread combines every single one and more. 

With great care and intention, The People's Bread produce the best quality bread priding themselves on the need for real honest, nutritious food to nourish the people. They support people’s health and taste for good food in a sustainable way by providing a honest and high quality delicious, nourishing staple.

Our Fresh Delivery Day for The People's Bread is Wednesday each week so you can pre-order throughout the week and collect the following Wednesday (order's for the same week need to be in by 5pm Monday).

For our semi-local nationwide customers we can wrap your bread in newspaper and ship your order once the bread arrives on a Wednesday. We don't recommend that customers located in the North Island purchase the bread as we can't ensure the freshness of the bread once it takes a few days to get to delivered to you.

Product Information
Ingredients: Certified Organic Whole Rye, Certified Organic Whole Wheat, Water, Salt.

Country of Origin: Hawea Flat, NZ

Storage: Please store in an airtight container out of the fridge. Your bread will keep for at least a week and will stay soft to slice if kept airtight and dry - true sourdough has natural preserving qualities. You can also slice and freeze and toast from there.

Packaging: The People’s Bread packaging is a home compostable plant based cellulose bag with biodegradable tape. We encourage you to home compost the packaging and if you do not have a home compost please return the packaging to us and we will happily compost for you. Unfortunately at this time the bag tie is not compostable but we hope that you will find another use for this over and over again.