Reusable 100% Cotton Dried Goods Bags

Reusable 100% Cotton Dried Goods Bags

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These beautiful 100% cotton reusable bags are absolutely perfect for small and large volumes of dried goods like your beans, pastas, rices, pulses, nuts, seeds and teabags. Throw them in your weekly reusable shopping bags for fruit and vegetables or bakery bread. 

They are ethically made in China using 100% sustainable cotton and sourced by Revology Concept Store right here in Wanaka. The bags are sold in 3 packs consisting of a large, medium and small size bag. The bags are very generous sizing and made strong so they will last for many years to come.


If you order this product as part of your order we can fill your products into the bags and you can just empty the products into your jars at home and reuse over again for our products with us when you need refills. They are perfect to order with your order if you do not live in our local area and then we can send a return envelope with your order so you can send your bags back to be used for future orders with us.


Dimensions are:
Large - 34cm h x 30cm w
Medium - 29cm h x 20cm w
Small - 24cm h x 20cm w