Raglan Milk Chocolate 54%
Raglan Milk Chocolate 54%

Raglan Milk Chocolate 54%

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This beautifully made and absolutely delicious Raglan Chocolate is crafted in Raglan, NZ from from organic, single-origin, fairly traded cacao beans and we have been able to access with as little waste and packaging as possible. It is the perfect gift or high quality chocolate to treat yourself with.

Their delicious, velvety smooth milk chocolate is made from Solomon Islands Cacao beans with local Waikato organic Milk and fair-trade raw sugar to make a dark, smooth. Moreish milk chocolate. 54% Cacao, so much darker and full of flavour than your typical Milk Chocolate.

You can buy the chocolate in the specific quantities as detailed in the prices starting at 50g. We will simply weigh how much you order and your chocolate can either be placed in your own container or wrapped in one of our paper bags. The chocolate is stored in the fridge and should be kept cool as much as possible.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans 50%, Cocoa Butter 4%, Organic Raw Sugar, Whole Milk Powder 20%

Raglan Chocolate is the work of Mike and Simone based in their boutique tiny factory at their home in Raglan. Their amazing chocolate is crafted from organic, single-origin, fairly traded cacao beans. Mike takes pride in offering his chocolate with as little impact on our environment as possible and a lot of his chocolate factory equipment is innovated by Mike made from other reused equipment. 

We have worked with Mike at Raglan Chocolate to ensure that we receive this incredible chocolate all package free to ensure that we aren’t using unnecessary packaging in our process. We receive the chocolate wrapped in paper and lined with paper.