Pantry Essentials Refill Service

Pantry Essentials Refill Service

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This quick & easy option allows you to choose all of the products you would like your containers filled with, without having to do any of the admin work of an order.

This option allows you to quickly restock your pantry with all of your essentials based on the size of your own containers. It is a quick, easy and hassle free way to get all of your zero waste refills done in a cost-effective way. Your jars don't need to be empty - if they have product left in them we will simply just add the new quantity on top of what is in there already. 

Let us do all of the refill work and all you need to do is just sort out which products you would like in each container (if you have a preference). All you need to do is either label your jars with the products you would like them filled with, include a list in your bag which you drop off or email us at info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz with your list of required products.

How It Works:

1. You write down which products you would like to have your containers filled up with - just pop a line on your container if you don't want it quite filled up.
2. Label your containers dependent on which products you would like in them.
3. Either email us the list, label your containers or include a list in your bag.
4. Drop your bag of containers at our Wanaka or Hawea Depot and then we will refill them based on your list and invoice you for your order dependent on the quantities that fit in the containers.

This service has an initial charge of $1 but then this is refunded back to you once we invoice for the products. This is just so that you can check-out online and select the appropriate pick up or delivery date.