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If you live locally to one of our Drop & Collect points, our Pantry Essentials Refill Service is the easy, hassle-free option to restock your whole kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Just order a Refill Service, drop off your containers labelled with what you want refilled in each, and we do all the work refilling the containers and working out the quantities. Simple and easy!

How it works:

  1. Order a Pantry Essentials Refill Service for $1, refundable at the end. This lets you checkout online and select your preferred dates.
  2. Clearly label your empty containers with what you want refilled in each and drop them off.
  3. We refill your containers and work out the exact quantities (to the nearest 100g/100ml - we're working on this).
  4. We refund your $1 and charge you the exact cost of your Pantry Essentials Refill Service.
  5. You collect your refilled containers and enjoy cost effective, zero waste shopping!

As a bonus, your containers don’t even need to be empty. If they have product left in them, we simply top up the container and only charge you for what’s added.

Please clearly label each of your containers so we know exactly what you want. Otherwise, we’ll just make our best guess and it may not be what you’re expecting...