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Chocolate - Nut Crunch (She Universe)

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Roasted hazelnuts, cashews and almonds in a weave of dark chocolate and caramel. 65g

She Universe use Trade Aid organic, fair trade chocolate. They supply all their chocolates to us in boxes, not individually wrapped, so you can be assured that purchasing She Universe chocolates from us is a zero-waste and ethical way to get your chocolate fix! These bars are gluten-free and palm oil-free. 

Product Information

Ingredients: Dark chocolate [63% cacao solids minimum (full bean cacao liquor*, cacao butter*), cane sugar*, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavour); sugar; cream; cashews; almonds*; spray-free hazelnuts; golden syrup; rice syrup*.              * Certified organic ingredients

Allergen Warning: Contains: nuts, dairy. May contain (produced in an environment handling): soy, sesame. Gluten-free.

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Storage: Store away from direct sunlight in an air-tight container