Bare Naked Natural Castile Cleaning Soap

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We are so excited to bring you this all natural, multi-functional affordable castile cleaning soap from Bare Naked Soaps. It is made of all natural plant based ingredients and is perfect to use around the home for anything from a natural face wash, washing dishes, a floor cleaner through to using in loads of zero waste DIY cleaning recipes.

We make a lot of different zero waste recipes that call for this natural castile soap in them. Over on our blog you can check out our DIY Hand Wash recipe for a all natural, safe and affordable zero waste hand wash refill option. 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Hawea Lake Water and Lye. 

Each soap bar weighs between 280g-310g. An average 300g bar will last for a couple of months depending on how often you use it - a little goes a long way in recipes!