Waste Reduction

We started Honest Wholefood Co. because we were frustrated at just how hard it is to access everyday grocery items without the waste. We want to help make our customer's journey to zero waste easier, more affordable and more accessible no matter where you live in New Zealand.

Our goal is to be not only providing our customers with a plastic and package free refill option for their groceries but we want to be running our business at 100% zero landfill waste in the not too distant future.

When we buy a product we also buy any waste associated with this product. We are all responsible for waste. It starts with us. It ends with us. 
Below are a few facts on the issues we all face around the world on plastics and the waste we are all producing. These are having adverse effects on the environment and the planet and we think we are all responsible for trying to change this. 

Sobering Plastic Facts

It takes about 450 years for one plastic bottle to break down in the ground.

Each New Zealander consumers about 31kgs of plastic packaging per year and only 5.8kgs of this is recycled!

As New Zealanders we discard 15.5 million tonnes of waste each year. That is 3200kg for every Kiwi. Right now we only recycle 28% of this waste!

Globally 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute.

Around 78% of plastic bottles are not recycled.

As much as 91 per cent of plastic is not recycled and with mass production in the past 60 years, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic now exists, according to National Geographic.

So what are we doing?

Our main goal with our service is to offer your pantry staples that are used every day, without the excess packaging. We buy in bulk quantities so that you can access these foods at an affordable price and without the waste. We ensure that our suppliers are aligned with our values and so plastic is reduced from the start of the chain.

Not only are we trying to help you reduce waste in your household we work with local organisations to ensure that waste free living becomes normalised in our area.

Monthly Community Rubbish Clean Up

We organise a monthly clean up in and around our local area to help to clean up, educate and encourage group clean ups. We would love you to join us as often as you can. For full details on our monthly clean up please check out our Facebook Group for all of the details and how to get involved.

Community Events & Support

We offer community events around sustainability and waste reduction and we welcome any questions on the topic outside one of our events that you may have.

Reuse As The First Point Of Call

Throughout our business we reuse as much as we possibly can to give it another purpose and to avoid it being disposed of. We avoid as much landfill waste as possible. We also avoid 'creating' as much 'new' within our business as we possibly can. Our delivery boxes are all reused boxes which we receive within our business. Our reused jars are jars that have been used by other customers or the community and then these are washed to be used again.

Information, Advice & Support

We have a blog where we post on tips and information on how to reduce your waste and different tips on living more sustainably.

Carbon Off Set Program

We are working with Te Kākano to set up a Carbon Off-set program for our local deliveries, our nationwide deliveries and our deliveries of our stock to our depot.

If you have a zero waste project that you are working on where you would like support in one way or another then please get in touch with us at info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz

"Small acts, when multiplied my millions of people can transform the world"

Howard Zinn