Our Products

We source our products through reputable wholefood importers, growers and producers from around New Zealand. Where possible our products are sourced as locally as possible ensuring that they are as fresh as possible by the time they reach our customers. We work to ensure that our products are sustainably and ethically grown or sourced and that their impact on the environment is as minimal as it can be - along with their packagaing

Our goal is to reduce unnecessary packaging from everyday foods so we make sure the suppliers and products we work with align with our objectives and we ensure this is a priority for our suppliers too.

Because we source all of our products in large bulk quantities without the plastic gift wrapping, it allows us to be very competitive in our pricing. We aim to be as competitively priced as most supermarkets and we invite you to compare our prices of our common non-specialty products with our local supermarkets. We just want simple, waste free foods to be available to average families trying to do the right thing.

Our products are a range of non-processed whole foods. Where viable, we source quality organics across a range of products where it is cost effective to grow and produce bulk amounts of organic food.

The suppliers and products we work with are all as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We only work with like-minded brands where a priority is put on waste reduction and being eco-friendly. In our bulk foods supply, we try to ensure that plastics are kept to a minimum when needed to keep products fresher for longer. The suppliers we work with help us to ensure no unnecessary packaging is used and where possible eco-friendly options replace plastics.

We are passionate about not only helping our customers reduce their waste, but our goal is to be running our business at 100% zero waste in the not to distant future. We carefully choose to stock bulk products which come in either a refillable, returnable, reusable, recyclable packaging wherever we possibly can. We work with our suppliers to improve and create new ways that we can access their products without the waste of product packaging that typically comes with them. When we choose bulk products our ultimate goal is to be able to refill the product we receive back into the packaging we receive it in. We push to challenge our suppliers on their packaging so that we can work as hard as we can to move closer towards our zero waste goal and ensure our customers are refilling from a legitimate low waste source.