Local Area Refill

Our main goal here at Honest Wholefood Co. is to make it easy and affordable for our customers to shop plastic and package free no matter where you live. We don't think we should produce a whole lot of excess waste just from our weekly shop so we have tried to make it accessible, affordable and simple as possible.

For all of our nationwide customers we send your products in compostable paper bags which you can opt to send back to us so that they can be used for your orders time and time again to further reduce your waste. We also supply solids (like peanut butter & coconut oil) in reused washed glass jars and bottles for you. We send products in reused cardboard boxes too so where possible we ask that you reuse these or recycle them responsibly. 

For our local customers we offer a local area refill and delivery service. Check out below our local area we service for refilling and how this local area refill service works.

Local Area Refill – How it Works

We want eco-conscious people in our local area, to be able to easily access affordably priced, pantry staples without the excess waste and packaging. We offer a container refill service within our local area of Wanaka, Albert Town, Luggate, Hawea and Queenstown where you can have your own containers refilled and you can collect from one of our depots in Wanaka, Hawea or our lockbox at Buzzstop in Queenstown. We also offer a delivery service within the Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea areas. It really is that simple.

If you are travelling to Wanaka for a short period of time you can just contact us and we can work to refill your containers while you are here visiting or for work.

How It Works

  1. You shop online with us and place your order.

In your order you specify whether you would like your containers picked up or if you will drop off to one of our depots whenever suits you - we have depots located in Wanaka, Hawea and Queenstown. We can also supply brown paper bags or reusable eco-friendly containers for you to use time and time again after your first order.

  1. We pick-up (same day if ordered before 12pm) or you drop off your containers and we refill them as per your order.
  1. We deliver back to your door or you pickup from one of our depots.
  1. You get excited and enjoy your supplies knowing that you just did the majority of your weekly shop without any plastics and waste. High five to you!

  2. You realise what a great service we provide, how much waste you reduced and tell all of your family and friends.

If you aren't sure of the exact quantities you need for your jars for the first few orders we can easily just fill up your jars and invoice you for the totals using our Pantry Essentials Refill Service. Then once you have the quantities sorted and the record of how much of each product fits in your jars you can order these quantities online for next time.

Please note if you choose for us to collect your containers we do this as soon as we can after you order - normally its the same day if you order before 12pm or the following day if after 12pm. We just give ourselves 24hrs to refill and then deliver back or make ready for pick up.