Where are your products sourced from?
Our products are sourced from various suppliers and distributors from around NZ. We always endevour to choose local New Zealand produced products and we will be continuing to increase the range we stock. We try and take into account zero waste, affordability and minimal impacts on our environment in terms of transport and production. We are always looking for ways to improve our product sourcing by choosing local, sustainably sourced and minimal plastics and waste wherever we possibly can.

How do you select your products?
We choose to work with products and brands which align to our values of zero waste, affordability and as natural as possible. We stick to these values religiously when we are looking at new products to stock and brands to work with.

Can I order in bigger bulk quantities than what is on your website?
Yes of course! Just contact us at info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz and we can discuss with you. If you are a commercial operator and want to chat about accessing some of your supplies waste free then please just reach out - we are always happy to help where we can.

Do you do wholesale pricing for businesses, organisations and charities?
Yes we do - just get in touch with us and we can send you our wholesale price list. We work with a lot of amazing local businesses who are looking to decrease waste within their business and look to better more sustainable ways to receive some of their regular products.

How are your products stored?
We store all of our products in our purpose built storage space. We ensure products are kept as fresh as possible by storing them in airtight containers.

Can we get any other products than the ones on your 
Yes again! If you have suggestions or would like us to look into stocking a product you find yourself wanting repeatedly we are more than willing to source them for you. Just drop us an email at any time with any suggestions and we can see what we can do.

What if we are out of stock of the product I want?
We endeavour to have all products that we have run out of restocked within 3 working days so just check with us on when it is due back in.

Delivery and Pickup
What areas do you personally deliver?
We offer our personal refill delivery option within the Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea areas within postcodes 9305, 9283 and 9382. 

Where do you offer pick-up and collection from?
We now have 3 depots operating. One in Wanaka, one in Hawea and now in Queenstown at Buzzstop Bee & Honey Centre. You can drop off and collect from all of our depots. In Wanaka we are at 15 Reece Crescent, Anderson Heights, in Hawea we are at 8 Francis Lane, Hawea and in Queenstown we have a lockbox at Buzzstop at 26 Hansen Road, Frankton.

I live outside of your refill delivery zone can I still order?
Of course! We offer nationwide delivery for all of our customers located outside of Wanaka, Albert Town, Hawea and Queenstown. We try and pack all orders that are in before 12pm daily that day so that they can get away with the courier quickly to you.

How much does your delivery cost?
Locally $6 for all orders.

For shipping orders under $100 - $6.50 for the South Island (ex West Coast), $10 for West Coast and $12.50 for the North Island. 

When you spend over $100 with us the below shipping rates apply:
South Island FREE (under 19kgs and non-rural)
West Coast $5 (under 19kgs)
North Island $8 (under 19kgs and non-rural)

*Over 19kgs and rural delivery including the West Coast orders do have an additional shipping fee which is customised per order so once you place your order we will let you know these charges (normally only between $5 and $12.50).

Can I order liquids to be delivered nationwide?
Yes we pop these in our reused glass jars which can be reused within your own home.

What if I can't pickup inside the times indicated?
No worries at all, just check with us by getting in touch and we can work in. We are good like that :) You can also drop off your containers anytime too at both depots. If you are dropping off after hours at Wanaka just leave in the drop box out the front of the gate. If you are dropping at Hawea just leave under cover the the front door.

How do I label my box of jars correctly if I live locally?
If you are dropping your box of jars off to fill we just ask you to label your main box with your first and last name, just as you used to make your order. This ensures they are all filled correctly as per your confirmed order. Also if you would like specific products in specific jars just make sure these are labelled.

Do you have a minimum order?
For pickup we don't have a minimum order but for local delivery is just $30. We don't have a minimum order for nationwide shipping.

Zero Waste
Do you run a zero waste policy? And How?
Yes at HWCO. we run a zero waste policy. We aim to reuse all of the packaging and containers that we receive in some way. Any single use soft plastics or packaging we receive we reuse ourselves, find someone in our community who will reuse or as a last resort send to be recycled. We try to reuse and compost all of our cardboard boxes and thick paper bags where we can and when we can't we recycle these.

Are all of your products delivered to you zero waste?
Its important to us, that our products are delivered using the least amount of single use plastics and packaging as possible. We seek out and work with brands which have a zero waste policy and we are able to send back empty products to be refilled or used in another way. 

Are all of your products delivered to customers zero waste?
Yes, locally customers can have their own containers refilled to eliminate the need for all plastics and all excess waste. Nationwide customers can have their products delivered in compostable brown paper bags which they can compost, recycle or use our pre-paid brown paper bag return option to send back to us.

What other things do you do to be leaders in zero waste?
We are continually working with our suppliers to limit and reduce the amount of waste that is supplied to retailers. We challenge our suppliers where possible to take back containers for refilling or re-purposing. We also try and encourage and get behind as many zero waste initiatives we can locally and nationwide. We hold and facilitate sustainability evenings within our region and work to do as much as we possibly can to have a positive influence for future generations.

What options do I have for my products to be refilled into?
You can choose to have your products filled into your own containers (if you live locally), brown paper bags, new containers (we sell a few eco-friendly options) or into a reused container which we have on hand most of the time.

We accept any type of clean container or bag that you can find to reuse. The more that you can reuse and not dispose of the better. Reused soft plastics are totally fine, tupperware, material produce bags, reused paper bags, milk containers. If we are helping less to be disposed of then we are happy campers.

What if I don't know how much my containers will fit in them?
We now have an option called 'Pantry Essentials Refill Service'. This allows you to just give us your list of your products you would like and your jars and then we will fill your jars with the products you would like without you having to work out the quantities. We then just invoice you for the products that have fitted into your containers. You can see all of the details for this Pantry Essentials Refill Service here.

Are your paper bags compostable?
Yes, they are 100% home compostable and have no linings or added materials. They are sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Do you take back the brown paper bags to use again?
In the aim to be as waste free as we can we do take them back to be used repeatedly for your orders. This is called our "pre-paid brown paper bag return".

How do I opt in for your pre-paid brown paper bag return option? 
Once you have ordered with us 3 times and used our brown paper bags for your orders we will contact you to see if you would like to opt in for our pre-paid brown paper bag return option and we will send a pre-paid envelope with your next order.

Do all of my jars have to be labelled for refills?
No not all of them but if you would like specific products in specific containers then yes please label these so that we know. If you have a nut allergy or any other type of allergy please make sure your jars a labelled correctly for these products.

Do I have to wash my jars before getting them refilled?
Yes ideally, but this is up to you. We prefer washed and dried jars to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of products. All of our own jars are washed thoroughly.

How does your reuse a container option work?
We try to reuse as many containers as we can. Before these jars and containers are reused they are washed and then dried. Our "reuse a container" option is limited to what containers we have on hand at the time so if we don't have any available we will use brown paper bags instead.

What if I am not receiving your order confirmations, pick up notifications and emails?
Your email folder may be picking up our emails as junk so you will just need to add us to your 'safe email list'. That way you will receive your order confirmations as well as your pick-up or delivery notifications from us.

How can I get in touch with you?
You can either call or text on 027 230 1755 or email info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz anytime and we will respond asap.

Where are you located?
We have 3 depots operating now. One in Wanaka, one in Hawea and one in Queenstown. We refill and process all orders out of our Wanaka depot but you can drop off and collect from all of depots. Our Wanaka Depot is located at 15 Reece Crescent, Anderson Heights, Wanaka, our Hawea Dept is located at 8 Francis Lane, Timsfield, Hawea and in Queenstown we have a lockbox at Buzzstop at 26 Hansen Road, Frankton.