Our Container Options

We have a range of eco-friendly container options that you can choose to have your products refilled in. You will see these detailed on the drop down menus on each product page when you are placing your order. Here is a simple explanation of each one and when it might be best suited to use on your order:

Our main goal is to reduce the amount of packaging and waste that is created so the more that we can reuse something the better to prolong the length of its life and avoid it being disposed of. We will happily reuse any old containers of any sort that you have, any paper bags that you have or any other containers you want your order filled into. If you use brown paper bags for the first order until you have your pantry sorted we are more than willing to use these for the next weeks order too. We also happily reuse washed and reused plastic bags which you may have bought products in previously. We deliver our products in reused cardboard boxes so we just ask that you either reuse these or recycle them responsibly.

Your Own Container
This is the best option if you live in the Wanaka, Albert Town and Hawea areas and can take advantage of our pick-up and delivery service. We simply use your own containers and refill them with the products ordered.

If it is your first order with us then we just ask that you label your containers if you want specific products in specific containers, otherwise we will fill the containers best suited to the quantities in your order then label with our chalk pen. If you order with us regularly then we will try to use the same containers each time. 

If you have any allergies please label your containers with the specific products you would like in them to reduce the risks of contamination. Please let us know if you have any allergies on the notes on the cart.

You can have your containers refilled if there is still a little bit of that product left in them, we will simply weigh before we fill. If you are unsure how much product will go into one of your containers then just order what you think you need and we will pop any extra into brown paper bags for you to reuse the following week if need be too.

We willingly accept any type of container too - so tupperware, jars, tins, paper bags, old reused plastic bags -  anything goes really.

If you aren't sure how much of each product is going to fit on your jars we offer a Pantry Essentials Refill Service where you can write us a list or label your containers as per the products you would like in them and we can fill them for you and then invoice you for the products. This service is great if you want to start out but are a bit confused by all of the quantities and weights or you want to try it for a couple of goes until you get the hang of ordering yourself. You can view all of the details of our Pantry Essentials Refill option here.

Brown Paper Bags

This is the best option if you are located outside of our local refill area. We pack all of our dried goods and powder cleaning and laundry products into eco-friendly, home compostable, brown paper bags. 

The brown paper bags aren't lined with any nasty ingredients and can be reused in your own home, composted or used over and over again with us by opting in for our pre-paid brown paper bag return. It is a great way to easily, and at no extra cost, get your brown paper bags back to us so we can use over and over for your future orders. This way you are helping us to reduce waste even further and we are reusing something that is perfect for the job. You can read all the details and how to opt in here.

Please note if you choose the brown paper bag option locally, your total product weight selected includes the bag (7g-8g) just like it would at a supermarket - so it's better to choose your own containers if you can.

Your Own Produce Bags
If you are located elsewhere in New Zealand you can opt to send us your produce bags for your order to be filled into. All you need to do is select the 'My Container' option on the product pages and then just indicate on the cart note field that you will be sending your bags to us. We will happily refill and send back to you. This could be a good monthly option for big bulk orders to further reduce all types of packaging.

New Container
We have a range of eco-friendly jars and reusable dried produce bags that are perfect for storing your goods. We have glass jars which are varying sizes plus cotton dried goods bags which you can simply refill with us and then either use in your pantry or refill a container with the products.

When you select the 'new container' option just don't forget to head on over to our containers product page and select which container you would like to buy. If you forget this step when you are doing your order - don't worry we will get in touch to confirm anyway.

Reuse a Container
To further cut down on waste and packaging and use what we already have, we have a range of pre-used jars available for you to select to have your order refilled into. Once we have filled your order, you are welcome to use in your home whichever way you choose or you can return back to us to be used again.

Our reused jars are washed thoroughly before we use them to refill any products into but please if you have a nut or gluten allergy do let us know when you make your order and select this option as we will mitigate any risks that could crop up from reusing a pre-loved jar.

Our re-use a container option is limited to what containers we have on hand at the time. If we don't have any available we will use brown paper bags instead.

We deliver all of our products in reused cardboard boxes so we just ask you either reuse these for your orders, in your home or recycle them responsibly.