About Us

Honest Wholefood Co. was started in 2019 from a reoccurring problem we were having - accessing affordable, waste free pantry staples on a weekly basis. We want to help make our customer's journey to zero waste easier, more affordable and more accessible. Wherever we possibly can we stock New Zealand grown or made products as we think if we want to move towards a more sustainable future then we need to support our local markets.

Our goal with Honest Wholefood Co. is to provide eco-conscious customers locally and across New Zealand with access to healthy, affordable, unprocessed foods with no excess waste and plastics. We think it is really important to do our research on our products and ensure wherever we possibly can we are choosing products and suppliers which consciously are mindful of our environment. We work to ensure that our products are sustainably grown or sourced and that their impact on the environment is as minimal as it can be - along with their packagaing.

We are passionate and driven about not only helping our customers reduce their waste, but our goal is to be running our business at 100% zero landfill waste in the not to distant future. We carefully choose to stock bulk products which come in either a refillable, returnable, reusable, recyclable packaging wherever we possibly can. We work with our suppliers to improve and create new ways that we can access their products without the waste of product packaging that typically comes with them. When we choose bulk products our ultimate goal is to be able to refill the product we receive back into the packaging we receive it in. We push to challenge our suppliers on their packaging so that we can work as hard as we can to move closer towards our zero waste goal and ensure our customers are refilling from a legitimate low waste source. 

Our products are all bought in bulk and then from there we offer refills. Because we buy as much as possible in bulk we are able to be very competitive with our pricing, matching and where possible beating prices of local supermarkets offering plastic covered alternatives.

We aim to offer a service that you typically wouldn’t expect from an online store. We want our service to be an easy to use, simple and straight forward process and we are always here to help our customers.

We offer:
Ordering help and reminders
Saved grocery lists which you can use at any given week
Exclusive customer discounts and products
Pick-up and delivery service
A Blog with tips & information on living as sustainably as poosible

So take a look at our products, compare our pricing and then learn how easy and convenient it is to shop zero waste and affordably though our service.

We appreciate any customer feedback and if you have any feedback or questions for us then please just reach our to us at info@honestwholefoodco.co.nz